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Strategy and Marketing

Strategy and Marketing - Business Strategy, Brand/Market Development, e-business

Business strategy - Whether you are looking at starting up a new business, market, or product or want to rejuvenate an existing business, Elite Property International Council can help you develop the appropriate strategy.

This can include identifying / evaluating new business areas, market and industry research, techno-economic feasibility studies and project reports.

Elite Property International Council also provides Brand development, Marketing and PR support. Other operational support includes designing and implementing the internal sales structure, identifying potential licensees or franchisees for brands, creating Strategic Alliances and acquiring key customers.

Elite Property International Council also works with your team to strengthen customer relationship management processes and improve customer service.

e-Business - The internet could be your most efficient platform for reaching out to customers, or a frustrating and expensive maze to negotiate Elite Property International Council's team can help you define the business needs, develop the appropriate strategy, and an effective operational capability.

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