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Product & Design

Product & Design - Product Development, Product Management, Training

Buying & Merchandising - whether you are a retailer or a brand, your range architecture, product selection and commercial skills in your Buying & Merchandising functions create the difference between earning and losing. Elite Property International Council's team helps you in building the appropriate core skills, as per Brand DNA and Brand Soul and the process discipline in the B&M area.

Design and Product Development - in a market where it is difficult to differentiate your brand amidst the noise and the clutter, Elite Property International Council helps your team blend the art and the science of creating product lines that proclaim your brand identity.

Merchandise planning and management - when should the merchandise reach the sales floor, in what quantity and in what assortment; when planning with several variables the chances of missing the mark are very high. Elite Property International Council can help you to build the disciplines and the systems that will help you optimise your range and improve productive inventory.

Product data management is a hidden source of profitability in your business. The Elite Property International Council team can show you how PDM can help you reduce costs, improve quality, shorten lead times, improve customer service and make vendor management more efficient.

Elite Property International Council can help you blend processes, training and software to maximise business results.

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