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About Us

Consolidating Affluent | Luxury Real state | Brands |Right Investment Opportunities | Consulting What defines us...Our Work is Brand Society Integration
We are venture catalyst for integrating brands with new business opportunities

Obstacles do not define who we are.. we are defined by our potential

We strive to deliver strategic solutions that are unique and structured to suit your business requirements. Our services are designed using an out-of-the-box approach business requirements. Our services are designed using an out-of-the-box approach. The premise of our establishment being 'Concept to Commissioning', we are a group of strategic advisors who walk with you from the ideation phase of your business until your start-up vision becomes a reality.

We work for you with you...

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success
Our success is measured in terms of your business performance. We work closely with you and help build up your business performance as well as management capabilities. Our dream is to create a close relationship with you in order to strongly understand your needs, vision, and potential.

We bring to you a diverse experience...

Diverse in experience, uniform in sustainability

Elite Property International Council has been a trusted advisor for over two years and the segments served encompass a broad range of business organizations which belong to such diverse sectors as Retail, Consumer Products & E-tailing, Fashion - Textile & Apparel, Business Services & Real estate . This rich experience in varied fields has rewarded Elite Property International Council a distinct Global advantage.

We are a team of qualified professionals...

Our network consists of consultants who possess high qualifications from leading management and engineering institutes around the world. Along with this extensive knowledge pool, we bring to you hands-on industry experience in various sectors. This rich variety of talent and skills has enabled us to customize distinct teams for every project.

Design and Product Development - in a market where it is difficult to differentiate your brand amidst the noise and the clutter, Elite Property International Council helps your team blend the art and the science of creating product lines that proclaim your brand identity as per Brand DNA and Brand Soul.

Consulting firm focussed on the retail and consumer products ecosystem. Elite Property International Council works with retailers (including e-tailers), brands and manufacturers, as well as service organisations and integrate Distributors & suppliers.

We put together multifunctional teams of consultants that can work with clients through pure advisory / consulting engagements and operational involvement, or a mix of those methods. We have worked with clients from various countries including India, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Russia, Italy and elsewhere. Clients who have benefited from our experience and expertise include companies from the following sectors:

  • Mobile Electronics
  • Soft Goods: Textile, Apparel, Footwear, Jewellery and Accessories, and
  • Lifestyle & Luxury Products (retail, brands and manufacturers)
  • Home products, Consumer Durables
  • Real Estate & Luxury Brand Salience
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